November 4-5th, 2021

The Big Transaction is a two-day, single track virtual conference dedicated entirely to the art of payments engineering. Join us in November and learn the best strategies, architectures, tips, and tricks for building high quality payment systems that work at scale!

Our Conference Focus

Surviving Payments

Building a payment system is no easy feat given the ever-changing needs and regulations for businesses. Yet almost all companies need to deal with these challenges in some form. As such, we want to create a series of talks focused on the monitoring, testing, and architectural strategies that will ensure you can always sleep at night after shipping.

Our conference will feature 12 speakers, with each talking about their own experience on wrangling complexity, solving real-life scenarios, and creating robust and flexible payment systems.

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Our Audience

Would I Like This Conference?

The Big Transaction is all about sharing knowledge and exploring how to create better payments and billing systems. We feel strongly that the best way to do this is to bring people together in a common space to talk and learn from each other. If any of the examples below sound like you, we think you would really enjoy this conference:

  • Your company has an antiquated payment system you want to improve, but you're not sure where to start.
  • You work in the payment space and want to learn the latest in payments engineering methodologies and best practices.
  • You find the constant changing in payment laws and compliance in different parts of the world difficult to follow and are looking for clarity.
  • You love working in payments and want to share your thoughts and learn from others to take your skillsets and ideas to the next level.
  • You prefer conferences where you are intentionally given time and opportunities to build real connections with like-minded developers in the payments space.

We Are Now Fully Virtual!

Our dream was for The Big Transaction to be an in-person conference. But with the rise of COVID Delta variant, we no longer felt we could put on an event in November and still keep our attendees safe. And yet, our planned speaker lineup turned out to be so strong that canceling the conference altogether felt like it would be a huge waste of knowledge to the payments engineering community.

So we made the call and turn The Big Transaction into a virtual conference. And though we'd love to meet everyone in person, running a virtual conference comes with some unique benefits. Specifically, without the overhead of a venue, we can pass those savings in ticket costs back to you! As such, our General Admission ticket prices have been reduced to just $30.00!

Our conference will be hosted on AirMeet, which provides many features and options for attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike. We recommend taking a look at this video to get an idea what it's like from the attendee perspective and their features to directly engage with other attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Refund Policy

We support refunds until October 15th, 2021.

Code of Conduct

All attendees must agree to follow our Code of Conduct to ensure our conference is safe and welcoming for everyone.

Have a Question?

If you have questions for us about anything at all, feel free to email us anytime. We are dedicated to being as open and transparent as possible to ensure all attendees have a fun and safe conference experience!

Speaker Lineup

Our speaker line-up this year features 12 experts from a wide variety of companies and covering a range of payments engineering areas: payment processing, fraud, billing, tokenization, scaling systems and more!

Dom Saulet

Senior Product Manager

John Crepezzi

Principal Software Engineer

Chris Trag

Head of Developer Advocacy

Dathan Bennett

Senior Software Engineer

Bart de Water

Development Manager

Sam Aarons

Co-Founder & CTO

Fiona Manzella

Payments Engineer

Shawn Krisman

Staff Software Engineer

Christian Block

Senior Software Engineer

Jimil Patel

Senior Software Engineer

Colin Luce

CEO & Co-Founder

Albert Drouart

CPO & Co-Founder

The Venue

The Big Transaction uses Airmeet as it's virtual event platform. We chose Airmeet as we felt it had the best balance between high quality video sessions and networking between attendees.


Thursday, November 4th

9:00-9:15am MT Dom Saulet Recurly Intro & Welcome
9:15-9:25am MT Miguel Carranza Guisado RevenueCat Surviving In-App Subscriptions
9:30-10:15am MT Bart de Water Shopify How Shopify Builds Resilient Systems to Handle the Biggest Flash Sales in the World
Break + Speed Networking
10:30-11:15am MT Fiona Manzella Patreon Across The Pond: Processing Payments in the EU vs the US
Virtual Table Discussions
12:00-12:45pm MT John Crepezzi GitHub Common Billing Problems at Scale
12:45-12:55pm MT Marlin Boggs Spreedly Smart Routing in Payments (An Introduction)
1:00-1:45pm MT Chris Trag Stripe Stacks on stacks on stacks: Payments, API upgrades, and Open Source
Virtual Table Discussions
2:30-3:15pm MT Dathan Bennett Netflix Robust Recurring Payments
Break + Speed Networking
3:30-4:15pm MT Sam Aarons Modern Treasury ISO 20022 is Eating the World
4:15-4:30pm MT Dom Saulet Recurly Closing Remarks

friday, November 5th

9:00-9:15am MT Dom Saulet Recurly Intro and Welcome
9:15-9:25am MT Albert Drouart Pagos Intelligent Payment Infrastructure for Commerce
9:30-10:15am MT Christian Block TaskRabbit Tackling Payments Fraud with Limited Resources
Break + Speed Networking
10:30-11:15am MT Jimil Patel Spreedly Building a System for $20 Billion in Payments
Virtual Table Discussions
12:00-12:45pm MT Shawn Krisman Affirm Scaling Feature Development by Making Clients Dumber
Break + Speed Networking
1:00-1:45pm MT Colin Luce Basis Theory Payments Tokenization & Data Ownership
Virtual Table Discussions
2:30-3:15pm MT Albert Drouart Pagos (Panel) Payments: a Game of Telephone At Scale
3:15-3:30pm MT Dom Saulet Recurly Closing Remarks

Our Amazing Sponsors

Our sponsors are the only reason this conference can exist, and we are incredibly thankful for everything they've done to help support The Big Transaction.

Also each sponsor will have their own dedicated virtual table during the conference for attendees to join and ask any questions.



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Are you in the payments space? Promote your product and receive direct feedback about it from experienced engineers!

Team Building

Sponsorship packages include conference tickets - send your whole payments team!

Community Support

Your sponsorship goes a long way to helping us keep The Big Transaction accessible and affordable for all.

Multiple tiers

We have tiers for big and small businsses alike - check out the prospectus for further details!